Could I just use Baby powder instead of Dry Shampoo?

The answer to this is a definite NO - talc is dangerous to use around a child's face, the reason? Talc contains particles so small that they can enter the respiratory system and cause breathing problems.  The particles are so tiny there is no preventing this if the product is used around the head.  Even the tiniest amount could irritate your child's lungs - a risk we definitely wouldn't take, so if you're considering a DIY Dry Shampoo please do not go down the talc route - another reason why we created this safe & easy to use product. 


How long will a can last me?

A can will last approximately 50 uses - maybe even more, although it seems small you really don't need much for each use.


Is Hairydust travel sized?

Yes for sure, luckily because the can is small it is easy to pop in your bag whether it be your handbag for everyday freshen-ups or your hand luggage for when you are on vacation.


Is just for kids?

Definitely not - Mum's & Dads can use it too, the formula is so gentle and conditioning that children & adults can use it too.


What age is Hairydust suitable from?

The current version is suitable from age 3+ but we are working on versions specific to certain ages so keep a look out for the new products in the range.


How does it work?

Our special patent pending formula is quite clever - the starch ingredients removes excess oil, dirt, food & grease whilst the conditioning cucumber leaves the hair super soft and natural & our organic chamomile gives the hair a really gentle fragrance.


Does it contain any chemicals?

Hairydust is completely chemical free, we only use natural & organic ingredients so nasties in here.


Why do I need to use this product?

Time isn't always on your hands these days, especially if you're a parent! & because you never know what adventures your child will dream up next - whether it's the contents of the breakfast bowl, suncream or mud that ends up on their heads or just sweat from the countless turns on the slide or laps of the football pitch making their hair grubby there is now a solution!

Hairydust removes all dirt, sweat & food whilst conditioning their lovely locks at the same time leaving it fresh, soft & clean. 

This modern day superhero is perfect for use in between washes, for emergency clean-ups or for slipping into your handbag for any time things might get messy which we all know could happen at any time! 

So now you only have to wash the little angels hair the recommended twice a week, saving you a few tears which is always a bonus!


Does it come in an aerosol?

No, Hairydust comes in a powder form which is a lot kinder to the environment & easier to use on children as you can direct exactly where you want the product to go on their hair.