Back to School - Morning rescue!

Whether you are an "Oh No! The summer holidays are over" or a "Phew, summer holidays are over lets get back to the programme" kinda gal, one thing's for sure - The morning rush is upon us!

Hello to the battle for the bathroom, the shoe that turns up in the laundry basket, that first sip of coffee, the school run & messy breakfast.  These are all things  that as mums we can relate to so all of the above are reasons why I created Hairydust & the reasons why you need it!


To have that extra nugget of time in the fast-paced life that we all live in now is so important. So with the children looking presentable (as can be with 4 people trying to get ready at the same time whilst sending emails,  making lunches & feeding the cat, dog, horse) but their hair is either a little sweaty after sleep, or their jam/cereal/butter/yoghurt has ended up atop their little heads.

Hairydust will save you the trouble of having to waste time washing it again or the shame of sending the little angel into school/nursery with grubby hair.  Think of it as a little time saving superhero (just like the adult version) for those moments or simply for a fuss free freshen up.